Human Again

What the Historians never told us,
And Astrologers never said.
An Apocalypse would come and go,
Leaving a Dark Age in its stead.
You’d think they’d know, these folks who ‘see’,
They predict rain and war and wealth.
Them for who the stars align,
Who prescribe caution and great stealth?
Men who chart our destiny and fate
Based on random times of birth.
They who pen down horoscopes and more,
Oops, they failed to predict a bleeding earth.
Remember Joseph, the one with that coat?
He warned of famine in his land.
The pharaohs heard, what said this nerd,
And scrimped and saved, stocked, and planned.
Why did no historian, or even an everyday Joe,
Not foresee this vile covid beast?
Worse than the wars, more evil than hunger,
Culling souls north, south, west, and east.
Those of us who have survived thus far,
Seek hope in every little thing.
The dazzling snow, the warm sun’s glow
The sudden bud burst of spring.
Then in her Chariots of syringes and needles
Young Hope arrived fresh faced this year.
And now, like the phoenix we rise, all of us,
From masked depths of solitary fear.
Tentative and wary, baby steps we take,
To socially distance from all this pain.
Don our masks, gel our palms,
And step outside, to be human again.

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