The Halo

He wore his Halo like a Crown,
A shiny jewel, a coveted treasure.
Confident he was, that it would bring,
Everyone he met, much needed pleasure.
It did do that, as folk these days,
Were a troubled lot, so under pressure.

He blogged, he spoke, he claimed to see,
As a soothsayer for modern troubled times.
His WhatsApp posts went viral at once,
Also, his many ‘thought for the day’ rhymes.
And soon he became a cult to them,
Those who thought him to be sublime.

The thing with gurus and sages and such,
Their ego soon grew larger than them.
No matter how wise his wisdom was,
It soon spread distrust and fear among men.
He questioned the science, derided the mask,
And opposed the vaccine ultimately then.

Folk so fickle, protested and fought,
Even they who thought he had no dent.
A mere mortal, no matter how hard he sought,
Divinity and fame, his Halo had bent.
At its very best, misfortunes it brought,
To whoever wore it, wherever it went.

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