About Me

Words have started to spill out of me of late, the result, I am sure, of having so passionately devoured them all my life.
I joined a writing club in 2018 as a middle-class, middle-aged woman struggling with an empty nest, and finally found my niche.
I am now the Secretary of Eastwood Writers, Glasgow, which is affiliated to the Scottish Association of Writers.
As an army brat, I grew up all over India, got my degrees in English Literature, enjoyed a career as an advertising copywriter, before following my husband around the world. After eleven years of adventuring in China, Zimbabwe, and India, we decided to ‘settle’ in Scotland with our baby daughter, in the year 2000.
Hugely encouraged after winning a few awards, I got ambitious for my words, and they have begun to appear in publications, both in print and online.
I participated in the International Poetry Marathon (2020 and 2021) and belong to the eclectic tribe of poets worldwide.

The best are about to be…

Eastwood Writers Presidents Cup 2022
Dorothy Dunbar Rosebowl Trophy 2022
The E.W. President’s Cup 2020
Falkirk Poetry Runners Up 2019
Eastwood Trophy Runners Up 2019
Eastwood Trophy for Short Story 2018