First Love

She was just a child
learning to be wild.
No pretence or guile
in that honest metallic smile,
Pure uncomplicated joy
which she spent on the boy
who squeezed her heart,
when they were apart.
Innocent buzz, in her head
as she giggled, asleep in bed.

She was just a child
yearning to be wild.
So eager to please
hadn’t learnt to tease,
or how to be coy.
Breathless for the boy,
together they twirled,
whirled and swirled,
and spun around the sun
spilling their light onto everyone.

Hearts will crash, thought I
Tears will come, and dreams will die.
She’ll learn to play the games one day.
This may be the brush
with her very first crush
she will harden along the way.
But for now,
She was just a child
burning to be wild.


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