Winner of the Dorothy Dunbar Rosebowl – First Prize for Poetry at the Scottish Association of Writers, for Mukti – The Release


Anjana Sen
Anjana Sen

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Mukti – The Release

You burst through the clouds, high on life,
My dashing daddy and your beautiful wife.
A cheer goes up from the gathered crowds,
‘Welcome,’ they cry, ‘now shrug off your shrouds.’
Beaming with joy, you show her around,
this peaceful Haven you both have found.
Family and friends long gone from earth,
come up to you, almost skipping with mirth.
‘Is it always like this?’ Ma asks, holding on to your hand.
You’d arrived two months ago, to survey the land.
‘Yes,’ you reply, ‘but I missed you so.’
She whispers back and says, ‘I know,
but it was too soon, look how sad she is.’
You gaze down together and saw me writing this.
‘She’ll be fine you know, she’s ours and strong,
And she’s found a tribe to which to belong.
Her words will always cleanse her sorrow.’

You are right, my loves, come tomorrow,
I’ll heal, I’ll dance, I will be fine.
So, rest easy now, Mukti will be mine!

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