The Perfect Hero

The Perfect Hero

A lawyer he was, honest and upright,
In a town, southern, hot, and dusty.
When times were different, and honour was might,
And value systems were not quite rusty.
Hero to his son, and a friend to his daughter,
They did not need to miss their mother.
For he gave them all they needed and more,
Loved them, so they needed no other.
A man of honour, he showed true grit,
When the rabid dog came to town.
Picked up a gun, and stood his ground,
Then, sadly, shot it down.
His quick-talking girl, may have saved his life,
The day push almost came to shove,
But them were the days when folk believed,
In the Power of the Lord God above.
And what of the neighbour, feared by the kids,
Who was often treated badly?
Well, Atticus, our hero, taught them well,
They ended up befriending Boo Radley.
I will leave you here to guess which book,
But it is obvious by my words.
A king among stories, a favourite of mine,
‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

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